Border Crossings Announces 21-22 ORIGINS Festival

Intercultural theatre company Border Crossings have announced details of this year’s ORIGINS festival, a multidisciplinary arts event that celebrates and promotes Indigenous arts and culture. The year-long programme will showcase the work of Indigenous artists and writers from around the world. According to Border Crossings, it will be guided by the three principle themes of “Covid, Climate Change and Colonialism,” exploring them from cultural, political and scientific perspectives. In particul

Theatre Review: The Importance Of Being Earnest // Leicester’s Curve Theatre

Revitalising age-old classic plays can be something of a gamble- especially for comedies, with jokes that left the original audiences in stitches liable to fall extremely flat. Yet it’s rarely a problem for Oscar Wilde whose talents as a wordsmith, particularly in the fields of comedy and razor-sharp satire, have left both him and his quotes as cultural icons. His last and best-known play, The Importance of Being Earnest, is no exception.